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Finding solutions keeps us up at night

Gamzoo Media is where technology and innovation meet to serve the 50 million un-banked and under-banked consumers throughout the US and across the world. Driven by an untapped consumer market in need of financial know how, we are focused on delivering the “know” and the “how.”

What does Gamzoo mean? An ancient proverb meaning "everything is for the best."


about us

Gamzoo Media is a technology-based company working to provide the millions of unbanked and under-banked consumers throughout the world with reliable and easy access to credit and financial products. Since traditional banking and financial institutions seem resistant to both innovation and servicing of certain populations, we plan to take
advantage of their inability to evolve as we create an array of financial solutions for the un- and under-banked through the use of innovative technology. Non-traditional financial products are going live and we are here to help them thrive.

50 million - technology = problem
50 million + Gamzoo = solution

the team

David Stiebel

David is a co-founder of Gamzoo Media. He previously worked for Bain & Co Consulting in Chicago. During his time with Bain, he worked in and ran analytics in several industries, including telecommunications, retail, and plastics. He recently served as Chief Technology Officer for an online lending company based in Southfield, Michigan, where he oversaw business innovation and strategy. David is a graduate of MIT with a degree in Mathematics with Computer Science.

Jonathan Polter

Jonathan Polter is a co-founder of Gamzoo Media. Jonathan spent the last nine years building successful businesses in the alternative financial services market. Prior to founding Gamzoo Media, Jonathan was a Managing Partner of a successful servicer for online lenders. Recognizing the impact technology could have on the un-banked and under-banked consumer market, Jonathan and his team set out to revolutionize financial servicing for the unbanked and under banked by leveraging technology as a means to provide consumers with easier access to safer and more reliable options. Jonathan began his career as a practicing Rabbi before venturing into the world of alternative finance.

David Fishman

David joined Gamzoo Media as VP of Engineering in 2014. David has worked in several areas of technology, including IT Support at WWE, Test Automation Engineering at Garmin, and as a Software Developer for financial risk management applications. Additionally, he was CTO of the startup PayPrior, a web platform designed for groups to plan, coordinate, and prepay for nightlife activities. Most recently, David was Solutions Architect, and 2nd engineering hire of Chicago-based startup, "Project Selfridge", incubated by Incisent Labs. David is a graduate of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology with a degree in Software Engineering with focus in world security and economics.

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